Enrolled Students and Adult Learners

Follow These Steps to Accelerate Your Degree

  1. Choose which exams are relevant to the degree you are pursuing or the experience you’ve had.
  2. Contact your college or university to learn about their credit awarding policy. The exams are likely delivered at your learning institution or one close by.
  3. Download the Test Taker Information Bulletin which contains an outline of all DSST exams available and recommended study material available.
  4. Locate a test center near you and schedule your exam. There are more than 1,200 test centers nationwide. DSST exams are $100; test centers may charge a nominal fee to administer the exam.
  5. Earn credits for a passing score and spend your time and tuition dollars on courses you really need to take. Now that’s what we call accelerating your degree!
  6. Ready to take a DSST exam? Find an institution that accepts and/or administers DSST exams »

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