Q.1 How do I order a Transcript?
A. Order through Parchment, our online transcript ordering service:
        1. Register for or login to an existing account.
        2. Select your documents.
        3. Input your order details.
        4. Submit/pay for your transcript.
        5. Track your order.
Q.2 How do I order a Score Report?
A. Contact the DSST Exam Team to order a score report if:
      • You did not provide a school code when you registered your exam.
      • You would like a copy of your score report for your personal records.
      • You would like the scores of an exam that you had previously taken forwarded to another institution.

How to Contact the DSST Exam Team:

Email:    getcollegecredit@prometric.com
Phone:   1.877.471.9860

Q.3 What are DSST Exams like?
A. DSST exams are internet or paper-based, multiple choice formats. Test takers are given two hours to take the 100 question exam. DSST exams must be taken at authorized testing centers, mostly on college campuses. Click here to find an institution that accepts and/or administers DSST exams.

Q.4 What is the cost for taking a DSST exam?
A. The test fee is $100 per exam. This fee does not include any administrative costs the testing site may require.

Q.5 What form of ID should I bring to the testing location when I take a DSST exam?
A. Prior to the test administration, all test takers must present current and valid picture identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or picture student identification. DANTES funded eligible military test takers must provide a valid Common Access Card (CAC). Only test takers should be permitted into the testing room. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted in the testing room at any time.

Q.6 How do I register and pay for a DSST exam?
A. Registration and payment is completed at the testing center within the testing platform on the day of the exam.

Q.7 Can I register my exam online prior to testing?
A. No, the registration process is completed at the testing center on your scheduled day and time.

Q.8 How do I locate a testing center?
A. You can locate an authorized DSST testing center by clicking the link below. You should contact the selected testing center prior to taking the exam to understand their policies. Some locations do not allow walk-ins and require exams to be scheduled. Click here to search for an authorized DSST testing Center.

Q.9 What items can I bring to the testing center?
A. If your exam requires the use of a calculator, you may bring a calculator that meets the specifications (refer to the Auxiliary Testing Materials section of this publication). For paper-based exams, you may also bring No. 2 pencils with an eraser and black ballpoint pens. Regardless of the exam methodology, you are NOT allowed to bring reference or study materials, scratch paper, electronics such as cell phones, personal handheld devices, cameras, alarm wrist watches, or tape recorders to the testing center.

Q.10 How do I know if my school accepts DSST exams for credit?
A. You can search the list of schools accepting DSST exams by clicking the link below. Make sure to consult with your advisor to be sure the exam you want to take fits your curriculum needs and will be accepted. If you can’t find the school of your choice, contact your academic advisor or the admissions officer at your school. Click here to search for your institution.

Q.11 Where do I find my institution’s 4-digit DSST school code?
A. You can locate your institution’s DSST code by searching for your institution. The code is located on the left corner of the institution’s name. Click here to search for your institution.

Q.12 What should I do if there is no code for the school?
A. Please contact the DSST phone team to provide your schools demographic information prior to testing. If not done, you will be subject to follow the Transcript / Score Report request process. No exceptions. ( To obtain a copy of your score report, please visit our website https://ibt.prometric.com/dsst)

Q.13 What if I am in high school?
A. If no school code is applied upon testing, you will be subject to follow the Transcript / Score Report request process. No exceptions. ( To obtain a copy of your score report, please visit our website https://ibt.prometric.com/dsst

Q.14 If I am in the military, what code should I use if I’m not having the score report sent to another school?
A. For Military: Please have the military members enter the code for their branch’s Transcript / Score Report service if they are not having the score report also sent to another school.
CCAF: 7992
AARTS (Now JST): 7965
SMARTS (Now JST):7964
Coast Guard (Now JST): 7968

Q.15 How do I access the results of my exam?
A. Exam results are available to the test taker immediately after Internet-based exams are taken. Test takers may login to the testing platform at any time to review and reprint their score report. For students who take paper-based exams, scores will be mailed.

Q.16 Can I view my Public Speaking exam score via Internet Based Testing (IBT)
A. No. The score will be sent through e-mail communication to the e-mail address listed during exam registration

Q.17 Can I have the speech portion of my Public Speaking exam re-evaluated?
A. Yes. Please contact us over the phone at 1.877.471.9860 to request a re-evaluation. It will take 3-4 weeks for the speech to be re-evaluated. (Additional fee applies)

Q.18 How does my school receive my score report?
A. For official scores to be mailed to the institution of your choice, you must provide the institution’s 4-digit DSST code at the time of your examination. Note that some schools require a student to be enrolled before the institution will accept the score report. Due to privacy and security requirements, scores will not be reported over the phone under any circumstance.Check with your school 4-6 weeks after testing to verify your scores have been received. If for some reason your school has not received them, please contact the DSST Team at 877-471-9860.Students have the option to expedite score reports to the school by calling over the phone to request expedited shipping (Additional fee applies).

Q.19 What if the school did not receive my exam score?
A. Score reports are sent to the school/institution you designated on test day. Your school/institution should receive your score report within 90 days of your test date. A delayed score may be the result of an incorrect institution code. If your score report is delayed, contact your school directly.

Q.20 What if there are testing irregularities?
A. Testing irregularities that affect the test taker can occasionally occur, such as administrative errors, defective materials, availability of test content and other disruptions of test administrations. In the event of these occurrences, Prometric will investigate, and appropriate actions will be taken based on the findings. Contact our candidate care team for assistance, 1-800-853-6769.

Q.21 What type of special accommodations can be provided?
A. Test centers and Prometric will provide reasonable testing accommodations set forth under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to allow test takers with documented disabilities to participate in taking DSST exams. If you have a disability and require special arrangements, please call 1-800-967-1139. Click here to review and complete the ADA packet.

Q.22 I am a veteran enrolling back into college; do I have any discount on DSST exam fees?
A. DSST is an approved VA National Testing Program under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. The VA will reimburse the DSST exam fee ($100) and the testing center administrative fee (amount varies per location). Visit the VA Website for more information.

Q.23 How do I request a refund or an appeal for my testing appointment?
A. Please visit the Prometric appeals website and fill out the online request form. Click here to request an appeal. Click here to request a refund

Q.24 What is the retest policy for DSST exams?
A. All test takers are eligible to retest after a 30 day wait period. NOTE: For eligible military students, DANTES only funds the first attempt to pass an exam; any subsequent attempts to pass a failed exam will be the test-takers responsibility.

Q.25 What if I still have questions?
A. Should you have more questions or need more information, you can contact us through one of the following:DSST’s website: https://www.getcollegecredit.com/contactCustomer Service Line (toll free): 1-877-471-9860Email: getcollegecredit@prometric.com

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